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Specialty Coffee Roasted Beneath The Matterhorn

It Is our mission to offer the finest collection of coffee paired with an individual service

It is Zermatt Rösterei’s mission to offer the finest selection of coffees roasted with precision. Buying carefully selected green beans from around the world, bringing them to Zermatt and roasting them at a high altitude, we strive to deliver perfection to your daily brew day after day.

From the moment coffee is planted, 'til it’s served, our coffee has gone through the hands of a number of individuals that are all remarkable experts within their field. Amongst others, this includes farmers, coffee pickers, traders and importers. We are at the very end of this line, and our job is to roast the coffee. We do this with precision and a great attention to detail in order to deliver you the perfect cup of coffee. 

We rely on small batch roasting and offer a holistic and custom-tailored service package for local businesses and customers worldwide.